Camistry was approached by Beca to help them improve their standing and credibility within the professional advisory services industry.

Our approach to this project was to demonstrate some of Beca’s existing work with NZ Bus and Motat, showcasing the benefits of working with Beca. By talking to their clients we discovered that although Beca has advisory services, the real benefit of having the engineering teams inhouse means that Beca is able to offer fully rounded solutions. This discovery drove the testimonials within the video, highlighting the real results Beca has helped these businesses achieve.

During filming we utilised the technology of our new drone camera, the DJI Inspire 1, to incorporate aerial filming into the project. This aided in the storytelling of the video and has enabled us to create a better connection with the audience by showing both the size and scale of the issue at NZ Bus down in the viaduct, and the assets under management at Motat.

The project is now being deployed through BNZ bank, as they start to work with companies throughout New Zealand. Beca will also be displaying the video on their website for potential clients, and as part of an email campaign to existing clients. We are also continuing to work with Beca to develop an ‘always on’ lead generation strategy to ensure they are top of mind for all projects.

Click here to read our blog post for more information on our new DJI Inspire 1 drone, and on our project with Beca.

Camistry are responsive, knowledgeable, experienced, and they put the client first... On meeting Camistry, I was impressed with how they were more interested in our content pillars and the objectives and messages we were trying to get across, rather than the logistics of filming. They listened, and offered ideas and suggestions that made me feel confident that we would have a great video at the end.

Rebecca Nge, Senior Marketing and Communications Advisor, Beca

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