When BurgerFuel was planning the release of their new Teenage Mushroom Pizza Burger they approached the team at Camistry to help them plan and executive the creative advertising campaign.

The goal behind these videos is to drive store sales by promoting the ads to BurgerFuel’s target audience on Facebook and YouTube. We’ve found this video advertising strategy has been an effective promotional tactic for BurgerFuel, who saw store sales double for the Fush and Chups burger which we ran a campaign for earlier in the year – increasing sales from 3% of total burger sales in 2014 to 6% in 2015. Click here to read about our work behind the Fush and Chups campaign.

In order to create hype around the launch of the Teenage Mushroom Pizza Burger we created a short teaser for the burger which was posted on BurgerFuel’s Facebook page, and used $400 media spend to promote the video. To further boost engagement we gave away 30 free burgers, one for each person that guessed the name of the new burger. The media spend and burger giveaways helped to drive over 80,000 people to watch the trailer in three days – an awesome response to pre-release advertising.

For the production of this campaign we brought in a stunt double, hair and makeup artists, and utilised an ultra-slow motion camera to film the action shots onset. All up we spent three weeks producing this campaign to ensure we provided BurgerFuel with cinematic quality video.

Behind the scenes of BurgerFuel’s Teenage Mushroom Pizza Burger advertising campaign

Camistry was chosen to work with us on this project off the back of the work they had done for our Fush and Chups social campaign, where using video we saw a 3% increase, in same store sales, on our total burger units sold in 2015 compared with the previous year. Working with Camistry has enabled us to create content that is relevant to our viewers, while ensuring that the overall strategy is aligned with our business objectives.

Nikki Soons, Burgerfuel Marketing Manager

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