Using digital video on our website increased sales of franchises. It’s really paid off in a number of areas in our business including training. Camistry has been a great business partner who’s really delivered results for us. I recommend the use of digital video to any franchisor.

Tracey Richardson, Franchisor, Cleantastic New Zealand

Lifting conversions and sales

Cleantastic were experiencing a lower than desired rate of sales conversion from enquires about franchises. Knowing that the business model was very sound, Cleantastic recognised that their sales material could work harder. Cameron Houston, CEO, Camistry states, “We believed that all the great reasons for owning a Cleantastic franchise were getting lost in the text heavy content within the franchise enquiry pack and website. There was a clear need to integrate video testimonials into the sales strategy. Digital testimonials convey a lot of information easily and in a way that is highly engaging and credible to prospective franchisees.” Cleantastic saw immediate results.

In fact one new Cleantastic franchise owner, Vignesh Reddy, stated “I was unsure whether I would be capable of running my own business. After watching current franchisee Cathy Sheardown’s testimonial on the Cleantastic website, I realised that if she could do it, so could I. It was really inspiring and listening to Cathy talk made it really easy to understand and grasp the business opportunity”.

Improving franchisee performance and reduce costs

“Don’t think of digital video as just a sales tool”, says Cameron. “It has great applications in the area of training. We have used it really successfully for other franchisors. The real benefit of using video in the training area is that there is a training resource available to access in perpetuity, in the comfort of home and it’s consistent. And it’s so much easier, quicker and more interesting to absorb training information by video rather than having to read it.”

The Results

  • “We immediately got more franchise sales”
  • “We made $50,000 of franchise sales immediately.”
  • “80% of enquiry was driven from the video testimonials”
  • “Return on investment was really improved”
  • “There is a higher quality of training and this resulted in a higher standard of service for clients”
  • “We’ve experienced a significant increase in positive client feedback as a result of the video training programme.” Tracey Richardson, Franchisor, Cleantastic NZ.

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