When Smart Motorhomes rebranded to Smart RV they were looking to put video content front and center on their new website. Camistry was approached to produce this.

Our approach was to create a short, emotional hero video, designed to inspire potential customers by showcasing the beauty of New Zealand, while placing Smart RV’s campers right in the centre of that. We used both traditional video and aerial photography to better show the motorhome on the road. As well as the final video we also provided Smart RV with a video hosting system that allows them to track and measure their conversion, based on who watches the video.

The videos Camistry has produced for us have brought our amazing products (luxury European motorhomes) to life. They have taken what would otherwise appear as an ordinary motorhome sitting a two dimensional scene and transformed it into a holiday experience that our potential customers can participate in. This has allowed us to sell the experience rather than just the product. They have added emotion to the equation and its that emotion that sells. Further, the professionalism of the Camistry videos has added to our reputation of being professional and leading edge.

We love working with Camistry because of their superior knowledge of video and how to get the most out of the medium but also their professionalism. They have worked hard to understand our business and goals and to make content that fits. Their communication is as first rate as their products.

Mary Hamilton, Marketing Director, Wilderness Motorhomes