Use real customer response data to inform your TV buy

Save up to 20%

We can work with your agency and use our highly specialised tracking analytics to measure and visualise the TV/online crossover – so you can be confident in your allocation of spends by channel, shows, times and days – so you can optimise for results.

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“We’ve always spent a lot of money on TV, and now we understand which spots and ads are working, and which ones aren’t. We have the transparency and clarity to see what our customers react to and buy our TV accordingly, with confidence.”

Victoria Lloydd

Marketing Manager, Carpet Court

You know TV advertising works, but it’s one of hardest offline activities to measure. It doesn’t have to be.

Our highly specialised tracking analytics measure and visualise the TV / online crossover – so you can be refine your buy to the most optimum mix, with confidence your spend will drive results.


Get visibility of your buy

Get exposure to what TV mix drives response – from the ads that work, to the times they work best in.


Attribute your ads

Learn which ads and spots are getting prospective customers to visit your site, and visibility of your peaks and troughs.


Get clarity on what drives sales

See what your customers do on site when they respond to an ad, so you can identify the combinations that make sales.


Optimise your buy to Save

Buy based your real customer behaviour, on the channels, shows, days and times that drive results.
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And test different combinations to see which version works best

A/B Test your ads & spots

We can help identify which creative, and which ad version performs best, and leads to more conversions. And which programmes, days or spots drive the highest number of visitors to your site.

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Gain confidence that your buy will drive impact

Performance metrics you can trust

5 Key Insights

We measure your data and provide advice for you to action with your agency so you can better integrate your TV activity into your overall media strategy:

  1. Test different TV ad versions to identify highest converter
  2. On campaign vs. off campaign variance
  3. Programmes the drive spikes
  4. Highest converting times and days
  5. How your viewer behaves when they visit your site
Learn more about our TV Optimisation Performance Service

Real advice you can act on

Your report will map your TV schedule to website analytic data in 5 key areas: