Don’t Overcome Traditional TV Measurement Limitations

There’s no doubt TV advertising works, but traditional TV measurement lacks breadth in it’s reporting metrics revealing an incomplete picture of what each spot delivers in terms of quantifiable returns to your business.

The lack of comprehensive, data can be highly frustrating for marketers as they lack the information necessary to maximise value from their TV advertising budget.

Our metrics reveal actual TV Performance

Camistry’s unique TV Attribution (TVA) illuminates the grey areas in TV advertising measurement, using online platform crossover to collect data on viewer response directly after your ads air.

We apply leading edge online analytics tools and marketing metrics to track, measure and report on your campaign, with a particular focus on clarifying spend allocation and measuring the actual effectiveness of your TV advertising.

Optimise your spend

Access to transparent, up the minute, data fuelled insights allows you to optimise your spend and boost the impact of your campaign. With the guesswork eliminated you can target the time slots, programmes and channels yielding the best results specifically for your business.

As a result you maximise the effectiveness of each ad, reducing wastage on spots that don’t deliver while focusing spend on those that do.

“We’ve always spent a lot of money on TV, and now we understand which spots and ads are working, and which ones aren’t. We have the transparency and clarity to see what our customers react to and buy our TV accordingly, with confidence.”

Victoria Lloydd

Marketing Manager, Carpet Court

Track customer journey’s

The ability to track your customer’s online crossover is a key advantage as interactions and site visitors are visualised and conversions initiated via TV are attributed.

Consequently we can follow their journeys and enhance your ability to target TV derived customers with follow up online marketing.

Boost in the boardroom

The addition of TVA reporting insights to your executive tool-kit will be a welcome boost at the boardroom table. With robust numbers readily at hand, you can now pinpoint critical deliverables from your TV advertising with confidence.

You’ll be able to demonstrate where you have optimised campaigns, focusing spend where it delivers maximum ROI. When planning campaign strategy, the added weight of TVA data will support your recommendations in lobbying for budget, deciding TV campaign timing and setting KPIs and performance expectations.

Test Creative Execution

CTV-OPS also enables you to optimise your TV creative options. Using the same monitoring and reporting metrics, we can trial different executions and sequence arrangements, as well as call to action formats and timing durations.

This allows you to identify and refine creative versions that perform best while eliminating those that aren’t driving the numbers.

Stay ahead of the pack

Using TVA insights, not only optimises your current campaign, but engaged over the long term, ensures a head start with future campaign planning.

Working either direct with you or your media buyer, Camistry collates a bank of CTV-OPS data from previous campaigns, to build a brand playbook specific to your business.

Each successive campaign integrates new data into your brand profile, enabling you to continually review and refine benchmarks and KPIs based on specific, relevant and up to date information.

Strategically, you will be able to measure and identify on and off campaign variances, crystalising the picture of your advertising life cycle and when best to introduce TV campaigns into the marketing mix.

At every step, taking advantage of Camistry’s full suite of leading edge media reporting tools, will keep you ahead of the game.

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